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'The Phil' Virtual Rehearsals | Jan 2021

Rehearsal attendance was good, peaking at 41, with 38 staying for the whole evening – a reflection of the importance of our choral life. Even more encouraging we met two prospective members who joined us for the first time. It was even more surprising to learn during the later Facebook social that one of these two was zooming in from a hotel room in Scotland.

Now that is most certainly a choir first in 95 years of Monday evening rehearsals. In another sign of the times, during the Facebook Social along with the regular selection of family based photos Dave Todd did show a shot of a Covid 19 rapid flow test kit he had taken at work which thankfully showed a negative reading. Within 24 hours the social had been viewed more than 200 times once again reflecting the importance it has gained.

Take a look at the video we put together of January's virtual rehearsal.


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